We’ve come to the last of the boudoir tips – at least for now. I’m going to keep a running list and add more as time permits. This tip gets a little, hmmm, well, yes, personal!

Boudoir Tip #7: Pluck it and wax it early! Avoid Spray Tans!

Sorry to get so personal but this one is worth mentioning and it may surprise you to know that it’s one of the most commonly asked questions! A lot of clients want to know if I recommend getting a spray tan or waxing and if so – when.

To prep for your session, you may want to pluck, tweeze or wax. Those things should be done at least a week ahead of your session in case you develop any reaction. Of course you can shave to “top it off.” If you have darker hair, waxing is probably the way to go. (I’m sorry, I KNOW it hurts!)

As for spray tans – I am not a fan. I am glad that they’re not as popular as they once were, to be honest. I know that you may be feeling “pale” and I hear that from a lot of clients. But I promise you, your natural skintone is best for your boudoir session. A light complexion will photograph just fine. In fact, it usually looks better than a light skintone that’s been spray tanned.

Why don’t I like spray tans? Well, because they tend to show up in photos more orange than they may look in person. Also, you may end up with the dryer parts of your body – elbows, hands, feet, ankles, etc. being way too dark or too orange because the spray tan will stick to them too much. Spray tans also tend to leave streaks. And if you put clothes on after you tan (and why wouldn’t you?!) the clothes can also create streaks on your stomach, etc.

If you feel “naked” without a spray tan, go to a person and not to a booth. Find a professional spray tan artist and strip down in front of them and let them spray you. This is a much better system for a couple of reasons – one, they’re going to better match the tone of the tan to your skin. And two, they can ensure it’s going on evenly and in the right spots. (Also? It’s good practice for being in your underwear and having your photo taken, lol!)

But honestly, I highly recommend skipping the spray tan. (AND yes, skip the tanning booth – which will make your skintone too pink, even if you don’t burn.) Natural skin is quite honestly the most beautiful skin for boudoir sessions. 🙂