Without a doubt, posing for a boudoir session can be a little intimidating! Most of us are not natural-born models. 99% of my clients start out the session by telling me they don’t know how to pose! I consider it my job to guide you through that – you are not alone.

I have a series of tips that I start every client session with to get you going. One of the key tips may not be obvious. We think about our facial expression or sucking in our mid-section, but we don’t think so much about what to do with our hands….until the camera appears. Suddenly my clients become conscious of their hands – what do they do with them?!

Boudoir Tip #5: Hands are important! Relax those hands!

I guide my clients to always have relaxed hands. Don’t clench your fingers or make a fist. Often we do this without even realize it when we’re a little nervous. Instead, think about a dancer’s hands, or an ice skater’s hands – visualize the space between their fingers and the elongated position of the fingers. This makes for a more relaxed position and gives your images more of a finished look.

I may ask you to play with your hair or touch your neck. Sometimes just stretching your upper body a little and then reposing will immediately create a more relaxed pose, too. So remember, hands are important!