Ah, you wondered when I would get to this one right?!

Let’s get to it and talk about…posing. I’ve hinted about how posing is important. How your hands are important in posing. But let’s talk about one way to get comfortable posing for your boudoir session. Are you ready?! It’s really easy!

Boudoir Tip #6: Practice Posing!

First I want to say that I work with clients on posing throughout their sessions. You don’t need to worry about coming in with a series of poses in mind. I’ll start you in a pose and we will “flow” from one pose to the next from there. You are never on your own!

And if you don’t practice before your session – it’s okay! If you’re looking for something that may make you more comfortable, try this! It’s actually pretty fun.

Try on your boudoir outfits (another tip!) and hit the bed! Find some poses on my website or on Pinterest that you’d like to try and see if you can re-create them. Note that posing will NOT feel like just another afternoon of lounging around on your bed. I tell my clients that if the pose feels a little weird, they’re probably doing it right! DON’T LOOK IN THE MIRROR! This isn’t about how you look – it’s about how you FEEL! The key is getting comfortable with the feeling of moving and posing in a sensual way.

Think about the position of your legs, feet, hands and fingers. Elongate them as much as possible – pointing your toes and extend your fingers and wrists. Look at how the women in your inspired poses are using their arms and hands. Are they touching their body? Many times a sensual touch lends itself really well to creating a sensual photo – try running a hand down your neck or pulling on your strap slightly.

Look at how they are standing – practice standing with some of your body weight shifted to one hip, which means the knee of one leg is likely straight and the other knee is likely bent.

Now have a seat. Don’t get comfortable! Sit with your bottom near the edge of the chair. Is it more comfortable to cross your legs or leave them uncrossed? If they’re uncrossed, practice rising up on your toes slightly to engage your calf muscles and define your leg shape for your photos. (Another free tip embedded in a tip!)

There are classic poses that most clients want to incorporate and new poses that clients wants to try. And I try to find several new poses for each session. Sites like Pinterest make it so easy to create a wishlist of poses you may want to try. I keep a Pinterest board of poses that I like for clients.

You may want to create your own private Pinterest board of your favorite boudoir poses to share with me for your session. Pin a few inspiration images – about a dozen – not too many or we won’t be able to really focus on the ones you love! You can either email it to me ahead of your session or share it with me at your session. It’s a great way to inspire us both!