Boudoir makeup – yay or nay?

Every once in a while I get a question about why makeup and hair is included with my Curves Boudoir sessions. People want to know if they can just do their own.

So here we go…

First – that hour and 15 minutes or so that we have to chat about your session, about you, about your likes and dislikes – that’s time that you get to relax, and we get to know you. It gives you a chance to transition from your busy day to a slower, more-relaxed place – and that shows in your photos. And it gives us time to calm your nerves! Truth! We know you’re wondering how to pose, whether you’re going to look natural, if that bruise you got while working out, playing with the dog, just simply walking…is going to show. During your makeup and hair time, we’ll spend time talking about the session – why did you book it, what outfits did you bring, what poses do you have in mind?

Second – there’s nothing like professional makeup and hair. There’s a difference between every day makeup and photo-ready makeup and professional makeup artists do such a good job of creating a look for photos. There are secrets of contouring, coverage and color that makeup artists know and the rest of us wish we knew. A good makeup artist can hide an over-plucked brow or uneven brows. They can even out skintone and even calm redness from sunburn or dry skin.

They also come equipped with the right foundations and concealers. Well, MOST foundations today contain SPF, which is a good thing to wear in normal circumstances. BUT SPF can be a photoshoot disaster. It often creates a shininess or a whiteness to the skin that is less than ideal. You may not even see it in the mirror but it may show in your photos anyway. It’s especially important not to have a foundation with SPF if any photos include flash – it literally “lights up” – as do some concealers. You’ve probably seen the celebrity photos with white contouring, powder and foundation issues that show when flashes go off.

We don’t want that! Professional makeup artists should know better.

So along with the right foundations and concealers, makeup artists also do amazing things like apply false eyelashes. This is something that makeup artists say they have a hard time doing on themselves, so it’s not something you want to attempt for the first time for your session! Do false eyelashes look fake? Nope – not when they’re done right. 99% of my clients wear them and they don’t look fake. You’ll just think all my clients have really good lashes.

And finally, you know how hard it can be to style your own hair “all the way around.” Sure, you can get that front area that you can see, but sometimes, let’s admit it, the back – goes a little wild. It’s hard to get the curls right back there. The makeup artist styles your hair completely so you have no bad angles. It’s pretty awesome. And it’s important when we may take photos of you from all directions.

By the time your makeup and hair is complete, you’ll want to shrink my makeup artist and take her with you everywhere. 🙂

Check out the Curves Boudoir client “before and after” below. She is naturally beautiful – look at those green eyes! Her makeup and hair highlight those gorgeous eyes and fab cheekbones.