It’s a gift to me and to potential clients when my clients allow some of their session images to be shared. You can see more about what a session entails and get some great ideas from these gorgeous ladies, too! What to wear for your boudoir session can be one of the hardest things to figure out once you find the photographer of your choice.

Here are my Top 5 Tips for What to Wear to your Curves Boudoir Session:

1. Shop with some themes and ideas already in mind.

Jot down some of your ideas BEFORE you start shopping so you’re not overwhelmed when you head out to the stores. Pick some themes, for example, to narrow down what you want to wear. Maybe a bridal theme if you’re getting married. Or a favorite uniform if you or your loved one have a favorite team. If you’ve got a favorite pair of cowboy boots – or maybe he does – think about how you could dress them for a sexy outfit. Other themes I’ve seen that are so cute: pin-up or a retro look, incorporating a favorite dress for some shots (it doesn’t have to be lingerie for every wardrobe change!) I’ll get to more on that in the next tip!

By the way, don’t be afraid to shop online for lingerie, too. There are some great sites – and some of the store sites like Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood offer more options online. Be sure to check out for affordable and beautiful options, too! One more thing – if you’re into a vintage look, consider – super cute vintage bathing suits or lingerie are all over Etsy.

2. Think outside the lingerie box!

I love it when clients bring something unexpected to their sessions – and you ladies are doing this more and more!  Ideas for boudoir clothing other than traditional lingerie include: sweaters – think about sweaters that are either somewhat sheer or that can be worn off-the-shoulder or open if they’re a button-up style. Also consider bringing a sexy dress to your boudoir session. Yes, a dress! This is also a great option because it means some of your photos can be used for other uses like maybe a Facebook profile photo, a pretty photo to frame for his office or your bedroom walls, etc. And a lot of clients do bring an element of their loved one’s uniform. His uniform shirt – a hat perhaps. And of course, don’t forget how sexy just wearing a men’s shirt can be.

3. Pick clothes that are flattering for your body type and highlight the body parts you LOVE!

This may seem obvious, but sometimes I think we wear what we WISH would look good but sometimes what looks good and what we wish looks good are not the same. Believe me, when you spend your hard-earned money on a boudoir session, you want to bring a wardrobe that flatters your curves. This starts by trying on the clothes and being honest with yourself about the size (don’t pick a size smaller just because it “sounds better”). What’s important is how it fits, not the number on the tag!

When you’re picking clothes for your boudoir session think about the parts of your body that you love. Great boobs? Show them off! Not a big fan of your tummy? Find lingerie options that hide it – think about one-piece options vs a lot of two piece options. However, don’t be afraid to bring a two-piece set if you love it and feel good in it – we can pose you in ways that will be flattering and “hide” that part you don’t love! But don’t bring four options that are going to highlight a part of your body that you don’t love – it will realistically narrow down your posing options and probably lead to you feeling less comfortable during your photos and that does tend to show. 🙂

4. Try on the clothes for your boudoir session before the session. Ask for a friend’s input if you want a second opinion.

This tip seems soooo obvious, right?! But some clients in the past have told me they didn’t try on all of their outfits because they didn’t have time or got the clothes online and assumed they’d fit – but we all know different companies can size the very same size differently. I’d love to help you with your choices, but….you need to know if the clothes fit and the only way to know that is to try them on before your session. It’s okay to bring extra options to your session, but plan on 3/4 wardrobe changes and white sheets at the end of your session. So this means…don’t bring a dozen choices to your session – you’re going to get distracted trying to narrow down your choices on the day of the session. Bring a few extras if you’re just not sure, but not tooooooo many! (Okay, this might be more than one tip!)

5. Don’t forget accessories!

This is the most fun part of picking boudoir outfits to me. Accessories fit all of us – no sizing required (well, except for shoes!).  Pick sexy shoes, great jewelry options and accessories that work for any themes you are going to wear. Check out the photos below to see how this client rocked a laptop, iPad and a guitar for her boudoir accessories! Bring shoes for each outfit or just one – up to you – and think about jewelry that you love and that adds a little something to your outfit. My opinion is that one piece of “statement” jewelry with an outfit is probably sexier and a better look than adding two or three different pieces for any one outfit. I think statement bracelets can be really sexy since how our hands and arms are placed for boudoir photos can be so important for adding sexy drama to photos.

Want to get more inspiration about what to wear for your boudoir session? Check out my boudoir wardrobe ideas board on Pinterest – you may find something you love!

Check out the sexy session below for more ideas! I love the clothing choices this client picked. We started with a matching bra and “knickers” set (for those of you who hate the word “panties” – lol!) along with her jeans. And I documented her in various states of undress for some sexy action shots.

Next, I love her take on “nerdoir” – sexy smart-girl shots with her laptop, iPad and some fun nerdy girl glasses. I love, love these shots!

And since she’s getting married later this year, she picked a sweet bridal look for a third option. No doubt that this may be sweet but not innocent. She rocked this look!

And for the fourth look she picked a gorgeous purple and black lingerie option with thigh highs and of course those sexy black pumps. She picked a particularly special accessory for these shots, too. She plays guitar and strummed a few chords and posed with the guitar for some other photos. I really love the way they turned out.

Her hair and makeup are amazing and I love how you can really see that in this shot! Thank you Theresa Little!

Of course we finished her session with some soft, feminine but still very sexy white sheet photos. I know her husband-to-be is going to adore his wedding gift. 🙂


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