Super excited to tell you that the beautiful blog Evoking You featured a boudoir session I shot recently. My client was a friend of a friend who wanted beautiful images for her husband-to-be as a wedding gift. I wanted a chance to spread my creative wings, so we styled her session with a mix of lingerie and comfy options like a simple white t-shirt and tank top. We wanted to show you that there are lots of different ways to create a beautiful boudoir session – it doesn’t just have to be lingerie! She is absolutely gorgeous, so of course it would have been tough to take a bad photo of her!

I am also particularly excited about this session because it’s a mix of digital and film images. It was an interesting experiment in really seeing a side by side comparison of film and digital since I was shooting the same shots with both. I have to admit, I am so in love with film that seeing the film made me want to reprocess some of the digital images! Film has a softness and character about it – an imperfect beauty – and it captures things that digital just doesn’t in terms of color and light. I look forward to shooting more Curves Boudoir sessions with film.

Big thanks to Samantha Joyner for insanely beautiful makeup and Chelsea Jordan (of Chelsea Styles) for fantastic hair. And to my beautiful client – thank you for being part of this experiment. 🙂

You can see the session featured images on Evoking You. I’ll post a full look at the session soon. 🙂