This Chesapeake boudoir client exemplifies the ease of wearing a simple white men’s dress shirt for her boudoir session. She looks amazing in the contrasting black bra and panty set under the shirt. I love the poses we picked and how her makeup accentuates her fantastic gorgeous blue eyes.

Ladies – if you’re not sure what to wear for your boudoir session – add a dress shirt to your wardrobe. If his shirt is really big on you, find a smaller men’s shirt or a women’s shirt to give you the same look but show off your curves better. You can go topless under or choose a bra and panty set in a contrasting color. This look is flattering for all body types – we can cover or show as much or as little as you’d like!chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0126 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0128 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0129 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0131 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0135 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0130 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0133 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0134 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0132 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0147 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0144 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0142 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0141 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0143 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0148 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0146 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0145 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0139 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0138 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0137 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0140 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0136 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0149 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0151 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0150 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0152 chesapeake-boudoir-photographer_0153