Once upon a time, I had a dream of putting together a second studio space. I wanted a comfortable place for clients to change clothes and a space with additional furnishings that provided more pose options. The dream became a reality last year when I finished my “Studio B” space. I love the white and gold furnishings – from the “Hello Gorgeous” framed print hanging on the door to welcome you to the crystal perfume bottles displayed on the vintage gold-toned mirrored vanity. My dream room is complete with a an antique chair in white velvet that would not be practical in any other setting but is oh so luxurious.

This session was an ode to my newest studio space. An opportunity to highlight the furnishings and the amazing warmth and richness of film. I love having two rooms dedicated for boudoir sessions – you get more variety and posing options AND a comfortable place to change clothes and make yourself – literally – at home in my home!

If you’re ready to book a session, you’ll find me in Virginia Beach – just a hop, skip and small jump from the Norfolk, Virginia area. I would love to schedule a Curves Boudoir session for you – you will love my home studio spaces and the opportunity to be pampered for an afternoon. Not to mention you will love your photos!


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