(Thank you to this client who has given me permission to share images from her session)

This session stands out in my mind not just because she’s beautiful but because she knew how to pose. Most of us – myself included – are not natural “posers!” Most of my clients come in and need help and guidance on the posing and I am experienced with helping them get into the best poses for their bodies. We always start out with what I call the “easy” poses – all the client really needs to do is get comfortable on the bed and then we tweak it to make it a little more boudoir. I offer a boudoir posing guide for clients to review and also encourage them to bring poses from magazines, Victoria’s Secret catalogs, etc. that they’d like to try during their boudoir session.

This client posed with what I call the “America’s Next Top Model” technique where she’d slowly and slightly change her boudoir pose to get different looks. This can make a real difference in the photos because each little move is another opportunity to catch another angle and look. See, it pays to watch reality TV. 🙂

Another tip before your boudoir session is to practice making faces in the mirror. Try your sexy face without looking in the mirror and then look at it in the mirror. Is it sexy or angry looking? It’s easy to make what we think is a sexy face, only to discover when we see it that it’s a little bit angry looking. If it’s a little angry, work on softening it by smiling slightly, relaxing your eyebrows and forehead  or closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and trying again. Just breathing deeply can improve a facial expression.

Without further ado, here’s the featured session!