I keep saying it but I really am trying to get back into the blogging habit! There are a lot of sites to keep up with this year, including my two websites, my two blogs and my two Facebook pages – then there are my two Google+ pages. And my Instagram accounts. Goodness, no wonder I feel like I’m constantly behind.

If you’re not following the Curves Boudoir Instagram – you should be! I am even toying around with running an Instagram-only sale opportunity sometime this spring. 🙂

But let’s get back to it.This client came to me with an edgy look and a gift for posing. We had a great time creating a sexy and beautiful session together – and you’re lucky because she’s given me permission to share some of her session images!

Love her serious face AND her laugh. Both are sexy.

I show a lot of soft, sensual shots but I love the edgier ones, too. So glad she brought his electric guitar to her Curves Boudoir shoot.
We had a great time with these photos of his guitar with her adorable AND sexy outfit!

Those socks though. LOVE ’em!

Then we got back to some softer, still sexy looks.

This one – wanted to highlight her new tattoo but that smile – even though it’s in the background – almost steals the show!

Her tattoo says “This is my journey.”

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