I get questions about the difference is between a home studio boudoir session and a marathon boudoir session. Sometimes marathon boudoir sessions may imply or even mean that the session itself is shorter or doesn’t include the typical offerings of a full session.

All of my boudoir sessions are packaged the same way – whether during a marathon or photographed in my home studio. A marathon date just means that I’m shooting several sessions on the same day and typically means I’m shooting at a boutique or upscale hotel. Home studio sessions include makeup and hair and are the same length of time – they’re shot in my Virginia Beach home studio and they’re a great way to get a session in if you’re a little more shy – after all, you come to my private residence and hang out just with my makeup artist and myself.

My home studio is one of my favorite locations to photograph sessions – I’ve kept the decore modern but warm and bright as well as full of sexy textures like blankets, great pillows and several posing options – including new hardwood floors I just recently had installed. I’m always adding new things to my studio as well! Here’s an anonymous favorite from a session in the home studio last week. See? Fantastic natural light! Oh, wait, you didn’t notice the light? It’s okay!

I have home studio openings in August and beyond – we shoot them on Thursday afternoons and I sometimes have other days of the week available as well. I love photographing boudoir sessions and would love to create a sexy session for you.