I loved each and every photo you took. The entire experience was completely professional and so much fun. You have such a talent and I’m so thankful I found you. Thank you for allowing me to have something special I can look back on and enjoy for the rest of my life.”

- Kathy M.



The Curves Boudoir Experience:

Welcome to Curves Boudoir! I’m a Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer with a private, home-based studio where you will enjoy a highly personalized boudoir experience designed for maximum comfort. Whether a gift for yourself or someone else – a Curves Boudoir session is designed to be an empowering journey.

Before Your Photo Shoot

curves-guideAs soon as your session is confirmed, I’ll send you my Welcome Guide – it includes tips on how to prepare for your session, where to shop and lots more – tips and tricks I’ve put together from photographing hundreds of clients over the last 9 years!

We will also schedule a time to get together by phone or in person to talk about your session. This is a great time for you to come in and try on items from the Curves Boudoir Closet – a selection of clothing, lingerie and accessories in a range of styles and sizes picked to flatter clients of all sizes and available to borrow for your session.

You’ll also receive emails designed to help you prepare for your session – from easy posing tips to how to style your wardrobe. And clients are encouraged to text, call and email with questions anytime leading up to their session. I’m your own personal boudoir valet!

I also recommend that clients do their own “homework.” Start a board on Pinterest with photos of clothing, makeup looks and a dozen or so poses that inspire you. Make your board private if your session is a secret! You can share your board with me by inviting me to view it before or on the day of your session.

virginia beach boudoir photographerGetting to Know You

My experience has taught me that the more we get to know one another, the more comfortable you will be on the day of your session! So you’ll have several touch point opportunities to chat with me – in addition to the time we will spend chatting on the day of your session! You will complete a client information form that helps me get to know a lot more about you, your session vision, your favorite body parts and those you might be a little worried about.

I also get to know clients even better during the hour and a half or so it takes to do their makeup and hair. When you come in, we’ll welcome you with a mimosa if you’d like one, some fun music and a chance to relax and take a break from your busy life. We talk about just about EVERYthing during that time (in addition to discussing your session, of course!) We talk about what you’ve brought to wear, how to style it and what order to photograph your outfits in.

Nervous is Normal!

Are you nervous? Most clients are nervous when they arrive. They tell me they DON’T KNOW HOW TO POSE! (That’s by far the most common thing I hear!) But please don’t worry – I will guide you through each pose and we are hear to make you comfortable and feel beautiful!

During The Shoot

virginia beach boudoir studioI guide clients through each pose during their shoot in a style called “flow posing” – this means the poses will flow pretty naturally from one to another. Please don’t feel like you need to know how to model. The women on my website are just like you and felt the same nerves and worries – but look at them – they look like they know what they’re doing, right? That will be you, too!

I will have certain poses in mind for your wardrobe and body type and I like to try new poses with each client. We’ll also refer to your inspiration photos if you bring them or to Pinterest. Don’t worry about posing or feeling “funny” – it becomes comfortable for most of my clients within five minutes of getting started!

I play music and we chat between frames, too. It’s informal and fun. If you choose, we will end your session with a few frames of “white sheet” photos – these are implied nude shots of you in just white sheets. They’re sexy, subtle and I’ve never had a client who didn’t adore her white sheet photos.

Also – sessions are absolutely private. Your photos will not be shared anywhere without your explicit permission.

After The Shoot

boudoir-photos-virginia-beachYour session includes professional, high-end editing and retouching of all of the images you will see to order from. Clients view a minimum of 50-60 fully retouched images for ordering. This is nearly twice what the typical boudoir studio shows from any session!

About 7 days after your shoot, I will send you a link to your online password-protected gallery to view your final images. You will have 7 days to complete your order. In-person ordering is also available for clients who prefer it and would like some help.

Once I receive your order, I get to work to complete it. Most albums are designed within a few days – often a day or two – and are uploaded to another gallery so clients can approve the layout. As soon as the album layout is approved and full payment is received, albums are ordered. They typically ship out to clients within 3 business days – and come in a luxurious gift box ready to give!

Every session includes:

> Phone appointment to chat before session if desired

> Styling and pre-planning tips for the best experience possible

> Up to 3 hours of session time – 60-90 minutes for hair/makeup & 60-90 minutes of photography

> Professional makeup and hair styling, including false eyelashes

> 3 to 4 outfit changes and a “white sheet” series of images

> Full posing guidance based on more than 6 years experience photographing boudoir sessions

> Gallery of a minimum of 50 artistic, fully retouched final images for review in an online gallery.

(Tip: Some boudoir photographers offer an average of 30 final images – or less. Be sure to ask how many images are provided when making inquiries about a boudoir session. Some boudoir photographers also show half-finished same day proofs on the day of your session and require you to order based on viewing half-finished images. I want you to see the fully processed fine art version of your images and have some time to create your final order. You shouldn’t have to rush this investment in yourself!)