Doesn’t Debbie look like a MODEL y’all?

A heartfelt thanks to Debbie for working with me to create images of a confident, curvy girl. Whatever you want to label it – or don’t want to label it – Debbie represents many of us and I’m forever grateful to her for the opportunity to add photos to my portfolio that give more potential clients the opportunity to say, “Hey, she looks like me and she looks amazing!”

I’m here to tell you – There’s NO right size or shape for a boudoir session. Every client has amazing angles and curves and it’s about showing them off. Be proud of who you are and where you are on your body confidence journey.

A photographer herself, Debbie brings amazing energy everywhere she goes and to everyone she touches. And she’s also doing awesome body-positive work with her own clients.

Also – YES – I do offer outdoor boudoir! If you’d like a portion of your session to be photographed outside, please let me know in advance and we’ll talk about some location opportunities near my studio.

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