I loved each and every photo you took. The entire experience was completely professional and so much fun. You have such a talent and I’m so thankful I found you. Thank you for allowing me to have something special I can look back on and enjoy for the rest of my life.”

- Kathy M.



Why Choose Curves Boudoir:

virginia-beach-boudoir_0019Sexy, Tasteful Fine-Art Inspired Images

I believe in posing women to look confident, beautiful, sexy and comfortable in their skin. My clients come to me for beautiful, tasteful images – a sexy and fine-art combination. How little or how much you reveal is always up to you. The photos should be a gift to yourself as much as if not more than a gift for your significant other!

A boudoir session is for every woman! If this is a little (or a lot!) outside of your comfort zone, chances are you’re my ideal client!


Your session is private and your images are NEVER shared without your written permission – given on an image by image basis. You will never have to sign a blanket permission form to have a session photographed at Curves Boudoir Studio photography.


I began photographing boudoir sessions 12 years ago and I specialize in boudoir photography. While many photographers offer boudoir as part of their portrait offerings, few specialize in boudoir. I exclusively photograph boudoir sessions – shooting other types of sessions only when time permits.

When we combine my experience with your ideas and vision – we create magic!

I learn something new with every session. The little things that can make all the difference. I share those secrets with my clients. I’m also experienced posing women of all body types, shapes and ages. 

virginia-beach-boudoir_0022All Female Team

In case you’re worried about what type of person might be shooting boudoir – don’t worry! I’m probably a lot like you. I’m married, I’m a mom and I enjoyed a successful career in marketing and website development before becoming a full time photographer. I love photographing women and making them feel like rockstars! I work hard to run a professional business and create a fantastic client experience. All makeup artists are female so you will be surrounded by an all female team where you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Quality, Not Quantity

Some boudoir studios are focused on shooting a large number of sessions per month. They may run Groupon or Living Social discounts regularly and focus on more of a volume-based approach to how they run their business. I take a limited number of sessions each month and focus more time and attention on each client. It’s what I would want if I were in front of the camera. That’s why all of your final images are fully processed, edited and retouched before you see them. Yes, it takes a lot more of my time.  I believe every client deserves to see what her final photos look like – you shouldn’t have to “guess” what your final photos are going to look like during a high-pressure viewing appointment where you’re only seeing partially edited images. 

virginia-boudoirFull Package & Pricing Details Up Front

Call me old-school (!), but I also believe in providing full package and pricing details upfront and not just a “range” of what an average client spends. You can plan ahead with full pricing details up front – no surprises and no hidden charges. Be sure to ask for a complete price list from any boudoir photographer you’re considering – if they don’t provide it upfront, think twice.

Remember, quality over quantity. Boudoir photography is an investment in YOU, so please invest wisely. This is one of those “you get what you pay for” things.

Would you like to book a session but need more time to pay? Ask me about a pre-payment plan if you’d like to give yourself more time to invest in a session.

Handcrafted, Fully Processed Final Images

All of your final images are presented in your online gallery as fully retouched, handcrafted images. All blemishes, stretchmarks, and cellulite are retouched (if that’s your preference – some prefer to keep it more natural and I’m happy to customize this to your desire), skin is naturally smoothed and images are final when you see them. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather choose from final images than quickly-edited proofs that require me to imagine how they’ll look when they’re done. I provide the final images in an online gallery to you within 7 days – sooner if needed!